Heart Kiss Hug at Outlaw Bristol – The round up…

Thanks to all those who visited Heart Kiss Hug at Outlaw Bristol and Hello to all the new followers & fans : )

It’s always great to see peoples reactions to my cards and Polaroid Bunting. This time the best seller was my new ‘Remember When’ card… (£2.80 – buy online here )
Plus there were lots of admirers of the Polaroid Bunting – (buy online here)
I met so many lovely and talented people (see the full list of designer/makers here) , ate some damn good cake (thanks Cornish Hen Deli)
Special thanks to my wonderful helper, my Mum, who made it possible to eat and go to the loo!
(no hiding the bump there!)
See you at the next event!
In the mean time I’ll be adding new designs and sharing what I’m up to on the following:
Online shop: http://www.heartkisshug.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeartKissHug
twitter: @heartkisshug
pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/heartkisshug/
<3Xo’s Emma.

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