JUST A CARD campaign #justacard

Just A Card logo

This is a great campaign. It’s called JUST A CARD and is aimed at highlighting exactly how much each and every purchase means to designers, artists and creatives who make cards. It may seem little or even completely insignificant to some, but purchasing just one card is like giving the artist/designer a high five, it’s like saying – “I really like what you’re doing and I want to support you, good on ya’ for going out on your own and doing it!” It really does make a difference, so please never underestimate that!

Sarah Hamilton is behind the campaign and she was inspired by a gallery who had to close down.

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”

“When I read this quote by shop keepers who’d recently closed their gallery I thought – enough is enough – we need to fight back! As an artist and designer,  who also makes cards, I know just how valuable each and every sale is, not only to independent shops  and galleries which make our High Streets unique, but to their artists and designer suppliers. Regrettably it’s too late for that gallery, but others need our valuable support, and this is why we started our campaign JUST A CARD – to encourage people to appreciate just how invaluable every single purchase is.” Sarah Hamilton.

urbangraphic-quote-heart-kiss-hugAnd the same goes for a simple ‘like‘ or ‘favourite‘ online – Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, Etsy, folksy or wherever that designer is present. One little click from you helps to show your appreciation and help spread the word to others who might like the designers work. It all really helps, much more that you may realise!

Small and independent creative businesses are what make high streets & websites like Etsy and Folsky interesting. Show your support to help keep them going!

Find out more about #justacard here – http://www.justacard.org/

Various places to support Heart Kiss Hug:


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