Adding a personal touch to your Wedding and Bridesmaid Thank you cards…

I recently got married (so am now a Digerud-White instead of a Digerud-Waring but still a DW. Fin) and of course I designed my own Thank You cards. I wanted to create something personal to send to my lovely friends and family to say thank you for coming all the way to beautiful sunny Cornwall and this is what I came up with…


Heart Kiss Hug Wedfest






I was lucky enough to have a few talented photographer friends there on the day to help capture a few special moments. Both the below photos were taken by my lovely friend Alice Maher. I knew I wanted to incorporate the photos and add my own personal style to the card. I chose yellow as it seemed to represent the day, bright, warm and glowing. On the inside the background is a pattern I created from a series of illustrated watercolour flowers I painted. This pattern actually featured across the wedding from invitations, to signage & banners, table cloths and now the Thank you cards too.

Heart-Kiss-Hug-Wedfest-Bridesmaid-Type Heart Kiss Hug Wedfest

For the Bridemaids I wanted to create a separate Thank you to say just how much it meant to have them by my side on the day. The photo is by Alice Maher as previously mentioned and the pattern was created in the same way as on the previous cards, from my original illustrated watercolours. I love using the front and back of the cards and on this one I created it to be double sided so they could pick which side they wanted to show.

If you are interested in using a photo of your own please get in touch

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