Say NO to Rubbish Christmas Cards…

Heart-Kiss-Hug-Emma-Digerud-Waring-HandsLet’s make a stand and say NO to rubbish Christmas Cards. There really is no need to pick up cheap generic Christmas Cards to send just for the sake of sending. If you’re going to do it – do it properly – with these ones!

I’ve been working hard for the last few months to create my Christmas Card designs and it finally feels like it’s ok to start writing about CHRISTMAS! After all Christmas Cards are the thing you have to get sorted early. I’ve created 5 ranges, which you can see below, so there’s something for everyone whether your after cute Christmas robins, to Hidden Antler snowflakes (see what I mean?) to Alternative Christmas colours. I hand draw all of my designs and then create a graphic version on my computer before printing them with eco-friendly inks. They are printed on luxury textured cards and, I must say, even better in real life!

Support small businesses  and send special and unique card to the people you love and care about this Christmas –
You won’t regret it I promise : )

Emma <3XO’s

p.s. Yes that is me lying on a carpark floor with cards around my head, it felt right at the time.

One thought on “Say NO to Rubbish Christmas Cards…

  1. I am so pleased with my Christmas cards from Heart Kiss Hug. The quality and designs are very good. Can’t wait to start sending them out….all 100!!!!!!!

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