Today I have been mostly learning: Screen printing with Kiwi Print Studios

Or more precisely Photo Emulsion Screen Printing. I met Dena of Kiwi Print Studios at the Outlaw craft fair in Penzance and have been dying to do one of her workshops ever since. I finally got a chance this week. I arrived at her lovely studio in Camborne at 9:45 and after a lovely cuppa and a custard cream (the biscuit of champions) I began my journey into photo emulsion screen printing. With my paint mixed and a squeegee in hand I was ready to create my masterpieces – all 34* of them, I got a bit carried away with the test prints.

I’d sent over a design, one of my new Christmas designs, which Dena printed on to acetate before the class. I placed it on my frame and then shut it in a big magical machine which glowed for a bit and meant that after I washed the board, my design was on it, ooooh. Or rather the negative of my design was on it to enable me to put my lovely paint colour on it and print it on to paper and even a sneaky bit of fabric. Not as simple or as quick as that sentence suggests.

I was in my element, it’s so much fun and I would recommend to anyone form complete beginner (like me) to anyone wanting to brush up on their skills. Dena is a great teacher and the £65 is totally worth it. I’m looking forward to going back to learn more with the Intermediate workshop.

Kiwi Printing Studios –

Here’s a little photo diary of the process…

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