Hurra for 17 Mai!

Heart Kiss Hug is celebrating today, as it’s Norwegian Independence Day or Constitution Day or in Norwegian – Syttende Mai (17th May) see what they did there (and Heart Kiss Hug is half Norwegian).

It’s a celebration of the day Norway became independent from Sweden in 1814 although it wasn’t until 1864 that it became a big deal when a children’s parade was started, bringing people out on the streets. Girls were allowed to join the parade in 1899 which is when the party really started, obvs. It’s not a party without girls is it!

Every year on this day Norwegians celebrate by taking to the streets, waving their flags and wearing National dress and later on scoffing down some delicious treats such as Waffler (waffles) and bløtekake (cake)

I painted a Norwegian flag in celebration…

Syttende Mai Heart Kiss Hug

Gratulerer med dagen alle sammen! Hurra for 17 Mai!

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